Everyone is full of questions once they take the big step to booking an appointment.

At F.A.B. Photos this is what we need to make your shoot simply fabulous;

1) Bring your own foundation make-up. Creme or liquid is best. It's already matched to your skin tone so we won't have to search for your perfect color.

2) Bring your own mascara, preferably in black. Everyone knows its best not to share mascara, and the throw away brushes pump air and the bacteria it carries into the tube anyway. Why risk it?

3) Bring a set or two of false lashes. Any brand, any style. One more natural and one a little more fun. You may not want to bring Halloween style lashes, but if you really love them, we will do our best to make them work. This helps give your eyelashes a boost and make your eyes stand out a bit better in the photos.

4) Your outfit choices. Your choices speak to your tastes, and that of your mate. They should express what you and your significant other find appealing. Bring items that make you feel and look good. Bras, panties, corset sets, wedding veils and garters, baby dolls and thigh highs are all recommended. But boudoir isn't limited to teddies and high heels. Sports jerseys, guitars, and snow gear is just as alluring to those that enjoy those past times! Let your imagination wander!
  • Clothing should all be tried on before you come to the shoot. For larger busted ladies its best to have great support around your bust so as you don't have the shoulder straps cutting into your shoulders during the shoot (it doesn't look pretty either). 
  • Try to vary the colors you choose, all your photos in black, white and red can be monotonous.
  • Remember jewelry! Although we have a lovely selection of accessories, it doesn't always make up for those beautiful pearls your honey gave you for your anniversary, being left out of the pictures he unwraps on Christmas morning..
  • Shoes! High heels and boots of varying lengths and heights are always a plus and not all shots will be with you on your back. Heels will give you some added definition in standing shots.

What do I need to do after I book my appointment? 

What do I bring? 

What do I expect? 
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